Significance of Significant Figures Calculator in Various Industries

08 Feb

A significant figures calculator is a calculator which produces certain numbers and other quantities depending on the input given to it. Invented in the 17th century by Michael Schopfla, it is a commonly used tool among students, researchers, business persons, etc. Due to its widespread use, a lot of different versions of the calculator have come up over the years. Some of them are the base calculator, educational calculator, medical calculator and business calculator. All of these have many different features and are used for different purposes.

A Sig fig calculator is used to carry out basic arithmetic including fraction and division, multiply and divide, multiply by some digit amount and also to perform any other arithmetic operations using the decimals and rounding off point. It is a digital calculator that runs on a personal computer or an embedded system. Significance of digits plays a major role in the calculations and hence they must be treated with great care so that they remain accurate. There are some common problems related to this type of calculator like denominator overflow, rounding off percentage not ending at zero, wrong sign when dividing by decimals, wrong sign when performing fraction calculations and so on.

A significant figures calculator performs all the operation and calculation of a fraction. For example: If one has to multiply by five then five times two is fifteen. To arrive at such a value, one has to carry out a serious calculation. The first step in such a case would be to find out how many decimals or even fraction parts are to be found in the given number.
The second step is to decide upon a few significant digits. Then a proper algorithm or software is to be written to carry out the whole process. The third step is to carry out such a complex calculation that even a highly qualified calculator cannot accomplish the task successfully. Read more about calculators at

A significant figures calculator is used extensively in many fields including finance, insurance, investment, real estate etc. It is also used as a tool for simple arithmetic and cross checking in medicine and electronics. It enables anyone to carry out a wide-ranging analysis of any given number or sequence of numbers and calculate the implications of any mathematical equation. A complete solution is also found when different numbers are plotted against each other in high tabulations or when the sum of all the terms is displayed in graphical format. This tool can be used as a general solution in all mathematical calculations or it can be specifically used to draw a figure graphically.

One can also use the significant figures calculator for rounding off fractions like decimals and Fractions. In computing the area, rounded figures or fraction would be the best option and using them in its tabulation facilitates easy computation of the area. In the medical field, the FDA, Nursing board, Medical society etc uses the sigs for FDA approval purposes, to evaluate the accuracy of the drug application. Therefore, one must always keep the rounding off percentage in mind while computing the sigs. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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